by necoaching

In the book, “The Go – Giver” which is an obvious twist on “the Go – Getter”, writers Bob Burg and John David Mann offer some very novel principles on the merits of giving. Essentially the message from this book is that by giving unconditionally it comes back tenfold. On some intuitive level we perhaps knew this but now we have pretty credible writers as well as numerous academic researchers (Feeling Good about Giving – Harvard Business School: Anik, Aknin et al) supporting the fact that giving enhances happiness, which ultimately leads to personal and professional success.

Within the world of work, the idea of giving feels alien to many. Competition can foster this but giving also has a role. What might happen if your referred a client to the competition because you didn’t have that exact capability. Believe it or not, you would feel good about being able to help and I’m pretty sure the client and the competitor would be suitably impressed with your ability “to give”.

On a very practical level the idea of giving at work helps promote the following:

1. It leads to higher levels of engagement

2. It leaves people feeling highly motivated

3. It fosters positive working relationships and reciprocity

4. It drives innovation and continuous improvement

5. It impacts the bottom line

If these attributes are present in your job, the likelihood of your being happy is much higher.

In conclusion, there are times when competition is healthy and certainly stretches the limits of our capabilities. But don’t confuse healthy competition as an excuse for not giving. Try it and you will see the impact in ways you could never imagine.

Action: Within the next week, do five random acts of kindness and assess how you feel about it.