Executive Coaching – Your “Silent Partner”

Executive Coaching – Your “Silent Partner”

by necoaching

Executive Coaching has been a part of large corporations for many years and is probably the most widely accepted and recognized form of professional coaching. In many quarters it is seen as a significant “perk” as selective individuals are given the opportunity to develop professionally in a one on one relationship.

In very practical terms Executive Coaching creates a powerful relationship and therefore a context to truly understand what is important and consequently make the right decisions. It operates on a process level to help individuals understand where there are, and where they want to go.

For the individual business leader, Executive Coaching also requires an integrated approach because people have a whole life. They take their work frustrations home with them where it spills into their relationships, health and family. Conversely, when there are challenges at home these also appear at the door of the office.

Coaching, in general, is unique yet there is an indirect association with therapy, mentoring and consulting that is not often fully understood. The following illustration assists somewhat with this understanding:


Only Interested in Future

Yes Maybe Maybe No

Client Develops the Solution

Yes No Maybe No

Client is the Expert

Yes No No No

Relationship is Key

Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe

Client is a Partner

Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe

Everything has Positive Output

Yes Maybe Maybe No

An Executive Coach understands that principles and people make up a business. They have the ability to ask the incisive questions that allow people to “figure it out for themselves”. Their listening skills are honed to be there 100% present for the client. They share experiences but they don’t tell the client what to do. They help with prioritization, goal setting and accountability, staying with the client right until the end. They are there to applaud the successes and help pick up the pieces when things do not work out as planned. They are very often the “Silent Partner”.