“Discretionary” Efficiency & Motivation

“Discretionary” Efficiency & Motivation

by necoaching

Organizations are for ever wondering what the magic pill to optimum people performance might be. There are so many factors that relate to this such as knowledge, attitude, personality, communications, behaviors, etc that makes “achieving optimum” quite illusive and rather complex. Needs analysis and assessments are conducted to help disseminate what is most critical and development plans are created accordingly. These go a long way but not the full journey.

The answer may well lie in motivation. What can be achieved when somebody is truly in tune with what motivates them? This can be very well explained in terms of Motivation Fit which is the degree of alignment that exists between what motivates an individual and what they actually experience at work. With this “Fit” the work gets done with real enthusiasm and genuine commitment providing great scope for what is known as “discretionary efficiency”.

Within businesses and organizations there are all sorts of processes in place to ensure we maximize efficiency. These can related to reward / recognition, technology, training, collaboration, relationships, loyalty, etc all of which will get you 80 – 90% of the way. Discretionary efficiency makes up the remaining 10 – 20%.

So what is discretionary efficiency? This is the “extra” an individual gives because the intrinsic motivators that are important and unique to them are in place and/or are being met. These are often different for most people so only a very unique understanding and reflection (such as one on one coaching) of these can help to address. In some instances nothing can be done about it. For example if you are an individual that responds to an empowering boss and he or she is more directive, you can’t change your boss. However you can learn to cope better. However in most cases something can, and therefore this discretionary efficiency exists when an individual freely and willingly goes that extra mile.