Genos Motivational Fit

Genos Motivational Fit

by necoaching

Motivational Fit is the degree of alignment that exists between what motivates an individual and what they actually experience at work.

The GEMA (Genos Employee Motivation Assessment) Model is designed to help identify these gaps and create developmental opportunities. It involves a core (but not definitive) number of individual motivational drivers in four areas, role, manager, team and organization.

The greater the level of Motivational Fit where people do and experience what most motivates them, the more likely they will be highly engaged, productive, less stressed and generally, much better to work with.

Depending on client needs, this can be incorporated into an exist training such as our Performance Enhancement Program or is available as a stand alone certification for OD Professionals, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants.

Genos’ unique learning approach to this critical topic provides a very kinesthetic diagnostic assessment and experience of what motivates an individual and comparing this to what drivers are actually present in their work. By understanding these differences, it provides strategies for either of the following:

  • Actions to address things that can be easily changed
  • Coping mechanisms to deal for situations that are challenging to change

As part of this process participants also learn to coach the appropriate conversation when debriefing the findings and associated actions that emerge.

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