Genos Emotional Intelligence

Genos Emotional Intelligence

by necoaching

New England Coaching has been in partnership with Genos PTY of Australia since 2006. Genos was formed in 2002 to commercialize the model of emotional intelligence created by Dr. Ben Palmer and Professor Con Stough, in conjunction with the Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence, has propelled Genos to be one of the leading developers and distributors of emotional intelligence products and associated applications globally.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that define how effectively we perceive, understand, reason with and manage our own and others’ feelings. Emotional Intelligence has emerged has a very effective methodology to develop, among other things, resiliency in leaders and organizations. The Seven Skills are:

  • Self Awareness – conscious of the present and your actions
  • Expression – being authentic in how you communicate
  • Awareness of Others – empathetic to the actions of others
  • Reasoning / Decision Making – being expansive by considering both feelings and facts
  • Self Management – being centered and in touch with your moods
  • Management of Others – maintain peace by empowering others
  • Self Control – where the greatest signs of resiliency are present