Corporate Training

Corporate Training

by necoaching

New England Coaching provides a range of services in the corporate space that leverages both strengths and capabilities. These are provided to maximize the return on investment and ensure that positive change is realized for the organization. Solutions are not off the shelf; instead they are matched to the assessed and well understood needs of the client.

Executive Development

New England Coaching has considerable expertise in the area of talent management at the Executive level.  With a focus on ensuring management alignment, collaboration and commitment, services are provided through a variety of mediums from surveys, assessments, interviews, offsite facilitation, one on one coaching and group training programs.  The Executive Development Assignments are led by company founder Bill Sex, with support provided on an as needed basis by faculty members.

Custom Coaching Certification

This program is targeted at the HR constituent within large organizations in order to provide them with the capabilities to effectively deal with strategic people challenges. It does this by providing a thorough understanding and application of Coaching in terms of key skills, tools and techniques. In addition an Emotional Intelligence component is included to help communicate and implement the key learning elements. It is conducted over a 6 month period and is a combination of classroom and “on the job” execution to ensure optimal integration of learning experience.

Emotional Intelligence Products

Emotional Intelligence is a very effective skill set in all aspects of organization development. Our custom programs provide training and coaching in resiliency that subsequently promotes more effective leadership and communication skills. These programs are targeted towards mid level personnel and those identified as having high potential as future leaders. This service is customizable and provided based on specific client needs.

Executive Coaching Services

Whether you are looking to overcome major professional/organizational challenges, take your business to the next level, or simply optimize your full leadership potential, our executive coaching services will help you get there. Through our proven process of working one-on-one with executives and business owners, we have helped people achieve desired results with exceptional return on investment

Tools & Assessments

New England Coaching prides itself by having access to a wide range of developmental tools that are used as part of their training programs and coaching engagements. Our Faculty Members possess the knowledge and expertise to address most organizational developmental needs.