Corporate Coaching Culture – Part 3

Corporate Coaching Culture – Part 3

by necoaching

In Part 1, we talked about what a Coaching Culture might look like.  In Part 2 we reviewed what is necessary to initiate this transformational change.  In this article we will review how, once effectively implemented, it is then sustained over a period of time.  Very often new initiatives start off in a blaze of glory but then dissipate with time.  Here are some things you can do to prevent this from happening.

1. Mentor Leadership – As leaders acquire the appropriate skills of coaching the traditional model of mentoring (been there / done that) gets replaced.   Past experiences still hold a value in terms of ideas and education, but the emphasis has to be on what is best and most appropriate for the person being coached.  This empathetic leadership style then needs to percolate down through the organization so that every leader / subordinate interaction is of this supportive nature.

2. Business Process Integration – Most disciplined organizations have processes and procedures which ultimately prescribe what is to be done.  This is only half the picture and what needs to be incorporated into this is how things get done.  Placing a clear and concise emphasis on the behaviors required in the new coaching culture will solidify the organizational expectation.

3. Success Outcomes / Accountability – as above what constitutes success will need to be articulated relative to, not only what is achieved, but also how it is achieved.  Accountability around these outcomes then must be built into this so employees clearly understand the broader expectations and behaviors that come with this type of culture.

4. Continuously Reassess and Reinforce – As with any initiative, small or large (and this one is large) there is a need to continuously review what is working and what is not.  Organizations need to be adaptive and maintain a constant hunger for what might make it better and be willing to subsequently make the necessary changes.