Coaching & the HR Function

Coaching & the HR Function

by necoaching

Organizations are now looking to see how they can more fully integrate coaching into their staff training and development. These companies have already embraced this methodology at a senior level where many executive are being exposed to external coaches. However these resources are typically expensive and therefore rarely made available to people outside the executive suite.

Recognizing the benefits, companies are now creating their own cadre of internal coaches, an initiative which is been driven by the Human Resource function. This need is being met by having staff participate in formal certification programs or creating an internal initiative. This has led to business improvements but also to the fact that the HR function is being seen in a new light in the following ways.

  • By creating a cadre of coaches, HR is making accessible to many key company personnel the very resources used in the development of senior leadership.
  • The core skills learned are applicable in all interactions and not just for formal coaching arrangements, thereby making HR practitioners much more effective and efficient.
  • The proactive nature of coaching is positioning the HR function as a more strategic partner where they are seen as proactive facilitators of positive change rather than the traditional problem fixers.
  • HR professionals are now seeing themselves as much more valued to the organization and are therefore more motivated and productive.

Consequently mid level management, high potential individuals and key entry level positions are now being exposed to coaching and having their development accelerated considerably. Although traditional group development still has its place, providing one-on-one guidance in the form of coaching serves to further enhance the learning process and quickly leverage the strengths on the individual.

New England Coaching provides the formal ICF accredited iPEC Certification and also works directly with companies to create internal custom initiatives.