Coaching and Diversity

Coaching and Diversity

by necoaching

In an ever changing world that continues to get smaller and more transparent, “diversity” has become a common buzz word that is not always fully understood.  In a study by the Center for Talent Innovation in New York City, they defined two dimensions of diversity.

11452035_blog1. Inherent – this is what we commonly understand diversity to be relative to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc.

2. Acquired – this is the less understood and is more in tune with the times we find ourselves in relative to global mindset, cultural fluency, social media skills, etc.

The report argues that leaders are more likely to behave inclusively when they embrace both inherent and acquired diversity.  The latter requires social skills, an open mind, ongoing education and can also be very effectively supported by utilizing coaching skills and tools.  This helps provide a methodology through which inclusi
vity can be easily demonstrated and indeed promoted.

The essence of good coaching recognizes the power of the other person and ultimately it’s about how best to support them in achieving optimum results.  Therefore as you coach somebody you have to be highly inclusive to achieve that desired outcome; positive results and inclusivity have a reciprocal relationship.

Many organizations feel that handling diversity is a burden, an additional cost or something they must do because the law requires it.  This is a very narrow viewpoint because if you are looking to be the best and see your people as the means, then being inclusive is the obvious solution.  This is about doing the right thing because it works best for the other person, for you and ultimately, the organization.  It truly can be a win-win-win.