Coaching – A Critical Crossroad

Coaching – A Critical Crossroad

by necoaching

Coaching is becoming a more credible profession as it offers many positive outcomes to multiple niches. What is interesting is that the actual served market is quite small relative to a massive available market (as so many people could benefit from coaching). As more coaches are becoming certified is the market demand growing at a similar (or greater rate) to meet this capacity and what can be done? This represents a critical crossroad for the Profession of Coaching.

The answer to this actually lies in the hands of the many coaches out there whose responsibility it is to expand this served market and actually guarantee their own success. Here are 3 key strategies required to make that work:

Explain the Benefits

Lets start with some 101 marketing and remember that the process of coaching does not sell; it’s the benefits. Coaches need to get very specific about how their clients will grow and be better as a result of working with them. Provide some value from the very start and share the success stories experienced with other clients.

Collaborate with Others

The collective is much stronger than the sum of the individual pieces; this too is so true for coaching. For it to be taken more seriously, critical mass needs to be created via partnerships and leveraging of individual skills. The “Mom and Pop” coaching model that exists today serves to meet the basic needs but it is only through collaboration with other coaches that significant growth can be realized.

Market to the Collective

Irrespective of niche it is possible to market to a collective rather than the individual. If you work with women in transition, see your potential clients as womens groups; if you work with executives seek out their organizations; if you work with students, seek out the schools or colleges. This allows for the creation of a larger client base with multiple revenue opportunities and much more coaching opportunities.

Do you agree with this or have a different opinion? Please let us know.