Calculating ROI for Internal Coaching

Calculating ROI for Internal Coaching

by necoaching

Internal Coaches are being developed in organization as a means of making this methodology and capability available to more staff. The C-Suite typically has access to Executive Coaches but it is cost prohibitive to provide this type of coaching to others below this level. The solution – create your own cadre of coaches. But how would one calculate the ROI on such an initiative? Let’s look at this in qualitative and quantitative terms.



Undoubtedly there would be an addition of skills that would allow both the new coaches and those being coached to see and experience the effectiveness of such an approach. This would lead to higher levels of confidence both in terms of helping themselves and others.


The essence of the coaching approach provides for a behavioral mindset based on helping and developing other people. This in turn fosters far greater teamwork, sharing of ideas and higher levels of performance all of which that can be observed in how people show up and interact with each other.


New coaches, and those impacted by it, would also feel a greater connection with the company for making the investment in their development and promoting a much more collaborative approach to problem solving and managing the business.


Employee Retention

Employees who are supported by coaching will have an opportunity to address their concerns (caring) and development (improving) which in turn will enhance their confidence and commitment to the organization.

Revenue Growth

Coaching skills model effective selling and will in fact allow the sales person to be even more effective themselves as well as supporting them achieve their goals and overcome challenges.


Coaching can very effectively support cost reduction initiatives and minimize absenteeism by providing the structure, support and accountability necessary to realize positive results.