Selling Your Business

Selling Your Business

by necoaching

Are you ready to move on to another stage of your life?  Would selling your business provide you with the time and finances to pursue something different?  At New England Coaching, we help small to medium sized business owners to optimally position their business for sale, thereby converting their hard earned equity into cash.

Our six step process ensures that all aspects are considered when undertaking such a life changing event.

Step 1 – Personal Evaluation

  • What other people within your family would be impacted by this decision and what, if any, consequence does this have?
  • What’s your number?  How much money do you need to move on?
  • What are you planning to do once deal is agreed – leave or earn out?


Step 2 – Current State Evaluation

  • How is the business currently performing?
  • What is working and what needs to be addressed?


Step 3 – Value Optimization

  • What improvement opportunities exist to enhance valuation?
  • What investments might be required?


Step 4 – Prospectus for Selling

  • What is involved developing a prospectus to position for sale?
  • What support is necessary, such as a broker, to attract potential suitors?


Step 5 – Sale Negotiation

  • What other additional resources, such as legal and accounting, are required to ensure optimum positioning of transaction?
  • What will be involved within negotiation process?


Step 6 – Seal the Deal and Move On

  • When will all aspects of deal be finalized?
  • What happens in moving on to next phase of life?

“When I was looking to sell my business, Bill Sex of New England Coaching was a tremendous resource.  From the start he honed in on what was most important for me (and my family) and then set about positioning the business to realize that goal.  Bill has a very objective and knowledgeable business mind, yet he was also the glue that held things together during what was a very emotional time for me.  He supported me with all the various stakeholders in the process and connected me with other necessary resources.  I am not sure I would have finalized this sale were it not for Bill, for what has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life.” John Foley – Principal New England Satellite (now trading as PSSI Global)

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