Business Owners

Business Owners

by necoaching

New England Coaching provides a variety of services for small to medium size business owners to help optimize profitability, enhance equity valuation all leading to a potential sale.  The three specific services offered to our clients are:

Business Optimization
Is your business operating at its full potential?  When was the last time you seriously took stock and made some radical improvements that were re-energizing?  Many businesses are just going through the motions and simply not making the profits they should be.  With our process we will evaluate the business across all disciplines, provide improvement recommendations within a collaborative process, and finally assist you with successful implementation plan.

Selling Your Business  
Have you reached a point where it’s time to move on to something new or simply retire from your business?  Might now be as good a time as any to sell?  If you are considering this, we can help.  We will guide you though a comprehensive process that will allow you to assess what you need for tomorrow and what you will need to do today to get there.

Leadership Coaching Services
Whether you are looking to overcome a major organizational challenge or simply optimize your full leadership potential, our executive coaching services will help you get there. Through our proven process of working one-on-one with business owners, we have helped leaders achieve desired results with exceptional return on investment

“As senior executives, we often feel compelled to do certain things because of history, guilt or perceived necessity.  What Bill has done for me is to allow and challenge me to focus on the things that really make me and my company successful.  He is smart, tough, and easy to work with.  I just wish I had hired him sooner.”
JP Engelbreacht  – CEO South Central Communications