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Why Value and Pricing are Keys to the Coaching Profession’s Future

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What is the public perception of coaching? Do people truly understand what it is? Do coaches try to sell what they do rather than the benefits to the customer? Is this profession struggling with an identity crisis? To many, the profession of coaching has no consistent message or a formula as to what coaches really do. This is particularly so for those in the Life Coaching space.

Two of the key strategies to addressing this challenge are:

Clearly communicate the Value to the individual consumer.

Coaching on its own does not sell. Many coaches describe the process rather than the benefit. If coaching was a car and you described it as a metal and glass box with four wheels, nobody would see the benefit of owning one. Coaching is the emotional and physical feeling of wellbeing your prospective client will receive from the experience that they are buying. Coaches must be able to communicate the benefits in order to sell the value their client. Read more

Six Tips to Choosing the Right Coaching School

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Coaching is fast emerging as a career of choice. By attending a good, recognized coaching school you develop the confidence and credibility to launch your own business. However in what can be an overwhelming experience, here are 6 key tips to consider in selecting the right school for you.

1. Program Structure:

Consider what meets your learning style. It’s important to select a program that is experiential and allows you to practice what you have learned.

2. Cost:

Costs can range from $2,000 to $9,000. The difference is the intensity and quality. In general, the higher the price, the better the training. But be sure to check out what is and is not included. Ask about discounts, payment plans and other financing options. Read more

Social Media – If You’re Not In It, You’re Not With It!

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I have decided to take the proverbial plunge into Social Media and, quite honestly, I feel like a child back in Kindergarten. However, I am very clear on the purpose and totally believe that I should do this in order to grow my business. Social media is such that if “you’re not in it, you’re not with it”. If nothing else, consider the younger generation today who will be your clients tomorrow. How might you market most effectively to them?

So here’s the kindergarten version of how social media works:

Before you get into this race you must have a strong and flexible website. For me, the whole purpose of a social media strategy is simple: to drive people to our website so that they can learn about the business and how we can help or support them.

Blogging is the key. By providing “relevant content to your business”, at least weekly (which I am committing to do!), this fresh content will greatly help your search engine optimization. This means that when people Google a word relevant to your business you will appear higher in the rankings. Blogging can also position you as an expert and, in time, people will want to hear what you have to say. If they like it, they will drive others to your website. Read more

Emotional Intelligence – Helps You Get Ahead

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Knowhow – Perception Power

How emotional intelligence can help you get ahead

By Bill Sex

Special to the Worcester Business Journal


Daniel Goleman, in the Harvard Business Review, proposed that IQ and technical knowledge are mainly “threshold capabilities” and simply exist as entry level requirements for key positions.

The key is a high level of emotional intelligence, which provides the “link” — the ability to connect with and relate to other people.

So what is emotional intelligence and how does it relate to business relationships? Feelings influence the way we think and the decisions we make. For example, you wouldn’t ask your boss for a raise or more resources if he/she was in a bad mood. The response would likely be no. The scientific term for this is “mood congruent thought.” Feelings influence our outward displays and behaviors and therefore play a huge role in our relationships. Read more

New Product Launch-Possibility Board™

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New England Coaching is delighted to announce the launch of its new product, The POSSIBILITY Board™

Marlborough, MA, August 19th 2009 – Developed in collaboration with Norwegian company, Life-mastering AS , this is an online, interactive, visual tool that allows individuals create their very own Life Plan.

“This marks a new phase in the development of our business”, said Bill Sex, President and Founder of New England Coaching. “Up to this point, a significant focus of our learning and development has been through more traditional methods such as classroom teaching and coaching. This provides the opportunity to use the internet as a medium and offer clients a very accessible and effective product at a reasonable cost.” Read more

Genos Emotional Intelligence-ICF

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Genos Emotional Intelligence Accredited to International Coach Federation

Marlborough, MA, March 1, 2009 – Genos was recently acknowledged by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to the support and advancement of the coaching profession, when their EI Certification Program was qualified for ICF Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) credits. With ICF accreditation, participants in the Genos EI certification program are now eligible for 19.25 hours of CCE credits.

This program is offered through New England Coaching to countless internal and external coaches. “Gaining accreditation through an independent global organization such as ICF lends great credibility to this program offering”, said Bill Sex, President of New England Coaching. Read more

An Evening with Liz Walker

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Regional Business Supports FLIC through Sponsorship of Liz Walker Event

Worcester, MA, October 7, 2008 – “It takes a community,” is a phrase often said by FLIC founder, Deborah Penta. The Female Leadership Interest Council (FLIC), announced today that New England Coaching will be the sponsor for FLIC’s upcoming program, “An Evening with Liz Walker,” featuring one of the most respected faces in New England Broadcast media, Liz Walker. The event will be hosted at the Hanover Theater on Thursday, Oct. 30 and will feature a conversation with Walker followed by a showing of her documentary, “A Glory from the God,” then a dialogue with both Walker and Maya Balle, Walker’s co-producer and co-founder of Liz Walker Productions.

“We are sponsoring this event primarily to support FLIC on their very worthy mission to help women become more effective leaders. We also wish to increase the profile of New England Coaching,” said Bill Sex, founder and president of New England Coaching. “In addition, we also want to acknowledge the inspiring work of Liz Walker, as well as Maya Balle whom I have known for many years through our Board involvement with the International Coach Federation.” Read more

iPEC Coaching Program

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New England Coaching partners with iPEC Coaching

Manalapan, NJ, November 1, 2004 – iPEC Coaching, one of the world’s leading professional coach training organizations with headquarters in Manalapan, New Jersey, announced that its certified coach training program will now be available in the Northeast. New England Coaching has entered into a license agreement with iPEC to deliver the company’s proprietary coach training program.

“Having gone through iPEC’s certified coach training program, I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring such an extraordinary program to the people of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and northern Connecticut,” said Bill Sex, president and founder of New England Coaching. “After researching numerous schools, I decided to take my training through iPEC because of its highly-regarded, life-transforming curriculum. When I heard about the chance to provide the iPEC program in this area, I knew it was a business venture that was right for our business, and it would provide a truly great opportunity to the people in New England.” Read more