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Employee Wellness

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Many organizations are coming to the realization that the “wellness” of employees is a hugely significant business concern given the relative costs of health-care, absenteeism and turnover, not to mention reduced productivity. A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report revealed that work sites with wellness programs have:

  • Reduced health-care costs by up to 55%
  • Reduced short-term sick leave by up to 32%
  • Increased productivity by up to 52%

Finally organizations that promote employee health and well-being are 3½ times more likely to encourage creativity and innovation, according to a study presented by Right Management’s research team at the World Economic Forum. Read more

Selling To Your Boss

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Selling is regarded as the remit of salespeople and many would admit that they hate to sell. This of course is due to the fact that there is a popular perception that selling is about trying to get somebody to purchase something they do not want. Of course the successful salespeople would tell you that selling is very simply all about solving a problem or addressing a need. You are just trying to present them with an option to help them succeed. When you think of it in those simple terms, in reality, most of us are actually selling something all the time. Read more

Emotional Intelligence – What is the Genos Model?

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Many people are very curious to understand more about the model of Emotional Intelligence (EI) put forward by Genos. Developed by Dr Ben Palmer in collaboration with some other academic colleagues, it helps to specifically understand the role of EI in the workplace. It has been used for the following purposes to:

  • Audit organizational culture and impact strategic culture change
  • Identify and develop high potential future leaders
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness Read more

The Case for Internal vs. External Coaching

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Anybody involved in Coaching within organizations should read the book “Executive Coaching for Results” by Underhill, McAnally and Koriath. It is a wonderful resource that provides insights through a combination of quite specific research and case studies from companies that have immersed themselves in this methodology.

What might be of interest to many large organizations is the commentary on the benefits of External versus Internal Coaching. Though they both share the common goal of developing leadership competencies, the following “pros” and “pros” emerged. Read more

Executive Coaching Assignment – Preparation is Key

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For many involved in Executive Coaching, every new engagement presents different challenges and personalities. However the proper preparation in advance of starting will always provide the fundamental foundation for success.

Here are a few tips to consider ensuring this happens.

  • Start with the end in mind. In other words get absolute clarity from the executive in terms of what success would look like for them. Write it down and reference it often throughout the process.
  • Speak with his / her boss. Typically the boss has either suggested or acknowledged the need to hire a coach in the first place; understanding their role in the process (i.e supportive) and their perspective of what success looks like to them, is very important for you as the coach to know.
  • Read more

Creating a Demand for Coaching

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For individuals entering the field of coaching there are no shortage of people and organizations to help you. There are programs to become certified as a coach, programs that will provide tools and indeed programs that will help you with business development. After that, you are essentially on your own.

The question that needs to be asked is who apart from all these individual coaches is helping to generate the demand for these services? More specifically what would it take to actually get all those people who are in need of some sort or support or guidance to consider hiring a coach? Most people do not readily understand the benefits of coaching. Which begs the question as to whose responsibility is it to make the public aware of this?

In previous blogs, collaboration on the part of coaches has been highlighted as a key factor in terms of educating and creating market demand. Scale offers variety, credibility, collective knowledge and financial strength to make a meaningful impact. Read more

Coaching – A Critical Crossroad

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Coaching is becoming a more credible profession as it offers many positive outcomes to multiple niches. What is interesting is that the actual served market is quite small relative to a massive available market (as so many people could benefit from coaching). As more coaches are becoming certified is the market demand growing at a similar (or greater rate) to meet this capacity and what can be done? This represents a critical crossroad for the Profession of Coaching.

The answer to this actually lies in the hands of the many coaches out there whose responsibility it is to expand this served market and actually guarantee their own success. Here are 3 key strategies required to make that work:

Explain the Benefits

Lets start with some 101 marketing and remember that the process of coaching does not sell; it’s the benefits. Coaches need to get very specific about how their clients will grow and be better as a result of working with them. Provide some value from the very start and share the success stories experienced with other clients. Read more

Promoting Your Business

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Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Selling Machine, speaks about some pretty astounding statistics when it comes to selling. He claims that in most cases 3% of people are in the market for your product and that maybe another 7% might be open. The other 90% is not in the market at this time.

This is pretty scary and you might rightfully wonder how are you going to even find that 10%, let alone the 3% who want your product? The answer lies in you ability to communicate your message in such a compelling way that even those within the 90% become interested in what you have to sell, thus making your likelihood of success far greater. Read more

Can Internal Coaches work with Senior Staff?

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Popular belief would have it that Senior Executives would only consider being coached by somebody external to the company. External coaches do have some significant benefits such as it’s their dedicated profession, confidentiality is king and they are very removed from the outcome (and can be objective). So how can Internal Coaching overcome some of these concerns?

According to Marshall Goldsmith and together with some work done at GE Capital, they found that Internal Coaches could work with senior executives if they met the following criteria:

Confidentiality (Trust)

The executive needs to be able to trust the coach whole heartedly that the contents of their discussions will remain between them. Any doubts in this regard and it will be a total waste of time and money; and a backward step for all involved.

Credibility (Experience)

The executive must believe that the coach has sufficient knowledge and experience to me able to relate to the issues and challenges brought forth. Not unlike the selection process for an external coach, the coach must be able to demonstrate this. Read more

Calculating ROI for Internal Coaching

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Internal Coaches are being developed in organization as a means of making this methodology and capability available to more staff. The C-Suite typically has access to Executive Coaches but it is cost prohibitive to provide this type of coaching to others below this level. The solution – create your own cadre of coaches. But how would one calculate the ROI on such an initiative? Let’s look at this in qualitative and quantitative terms.



Undoubtedly there would be an addition of skills that would allow both the new coaches and those being coached to see and experience the effectiveness of such an approach. This would lead to higher levels of confidence both in terms of helping themselves and others.


The essence of the coaching approach provides for a behavioral mindset based on helping and developing other people. This in turn fosters far greater teamwork, sharing of ideas and higher levels of performance all of which that can be observed in how people show up and interact with each other.


New coaches, and those impacted by it, would also feel a greater connection with the company for making the investment in their development and promoting a much more collaborative approach to problem solving and managing the business. Read more