Applying Your Coaching Skills to Social Media

Applying Your Coaching Skills to Social Media

by necoaching

By Rachel O’h-Uiginn, Undercurrent Coaching

Part VI of a series of articles focusing on the integration of social media in a coaching practice.

Social media engagement is similar to the art coaching. As a coach, you’re equipped with a tool-set that helps others gain clarity and utilize effectively what you’re able to offer them. For those who might be finding it a challenge to start a social media presence for your practice, here’s a new perspective that encourages you to use what you already know.

Listening: In coaching, we’re most effective when we listen closely and respond appropriately to our client’s needs. In social media, listening is crucial– we want to be sure our audience’s interests, concerns and voices are being heard and responded to. Conversation helps both client and audience build a sense of trust, and from that trust, relationships grow.

Validating: All coaching clients want to feel validated for whatever comes up in a session. In social media, this can be expressed by interacting with what your audience is saying, such as commenting on a post they shared or re-tweeting one of their updates. It shows that you’re listening and understanding where they are coming from.

Empowering Questions: We know the tremendous benefit our clients received when we ask them powerful questions regarding their issues, and in most cases, we then sense a shift in their awareness. In social media, this technique is impactful, so try to think of clever and innovative ways to pose unique questions to your audience. Perhaps create a quiz or lead a post with a provocative inquiry to get their attention. Many people respond well to new perspectives and social media is a great place to explore this approach.

A Call to Action: Clients hire us because they know we will hold them accountable to their goals. In social media, a call to action is a great way to ramp up engagement and commitment. It might be as simple as asking for their comments on a post or a larger goal of generating attendance to an event or new clientele. Asking people to participate often inspires them to become accountable for their actions and follow-through on goals.

The more you can translate your coaching skills to your social media endeavor, the richer, more robust and enjoyable your experience will be.

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