An Evening with Liz Walker

An Evening with Liz Walker

by necoaching

Regional Business Supports FLIC through Sponsorship of Liz Walker Event

Worcester, MA, October 7, 2008 – “It takes a community,” is a phrase often said by FLIC founder, Deborah Penta. The Female Leadership Interest Council (FLIC), announced today that New England Coaching will be the sponsor for FLIC’s upcoming program, “An Evening with Liz Walker,” featuring one of the most respected faces in New England Broadcast media, Liz Walker. The event will be hosted at the Hanover Theater on Thursday, Oct. 30 and will feature a conversation with Walker followed by a showing of her documentary, “A Glory from the God,” then a dialogue with both Walker and Maya Balle, Walker’s co-producer and co-founder of Liz Walker Productions.

“We are sponsoring this event primarily to support FLIC on their very worthy mission to help women become more effective leaders. We also wish to increase the profile of New England Coaching,” said Bill Sex, founder and president of New England Coaching. “In addition, we also want to acknowledge the inspiring work of Liz Walker, as well as Maya Balle whom I have known for many years through our Board involvement with the International Coach Federation.”

New England Coaching offers a myriad of innovative and cutting-edge programs such as Coach Certification, Life Potentials Training, Emotional Intelligence Certification, Emotional Intelligence Training, Leadership Development, Sales Effectiveness and Executive Coaching. These help its clients develop and refine the necessary people skills to ensure optimum performance.

“Our entire board is very grateful to New England Coaching for stepping up to the plate and sponsoring this extraordinary event with Liz Walker,” said Deborah Penta, founder of FLIC. “Bill has taken an interest in FLIC since its inception and has been working with our organization to develop an exclusive world-class Executive Leadership Program for women. We are looking forward to launching this program in January and we are thrilled that New England Coaching will be introducing itself to FLIC members and the community at our October event featuring Liz.”

According to Sex, New England Coaching will be working more closely with FLIC in the coming months.

“New England Coaching and FLIC have been creating an exclusive Leadership Program scheduled to launch in early 2009. This is a very exciting project for us and it will focus on optimizing the many innate leadership talents women already possess, together with new skills, and techniques to achieve personal and professional success,” Sex said.

“FLIC is very confident that this new leadership program, will be highly valuable to participants. It was developed with the highest standards of excellence and delivery; and, we believe it will yield great results for those who participate and have the desire to get their executive leadership skills to the next level,” said Penta.

“FLIC, in focusing primarily on the role of women in leadership, has their finger on the pulse for where we are heading. Organizations are undergoing major changes in terms of their people, values and business drivers,” Sex said. “To this end, I believe that women can and will play a much more significant role in the future where authentic leadership will be the order of the day. In partnering with FLIC, New England Coaching has the opportunity to provide the developmental component that will allow women to aspire toward many more leadership roles.”

“I have always believed that in leadership, one must be true to themselves, possess strong personal values and let those values guide them in their professional lives. The leadership program that we are developing with Bill and his team has taken into consideration a holistic view of the whole person and the successful ingredients to be a stronger professional leader,” said Penta “This is one of the reasons that we believe it will be so successful.”

FLIC is a non-profit organization founded on the principles of female leadership, mentoring and the belief that when you can help someone else succeed, you personally grow and prosper. The Council’s mission is to provide educational instruction to women to assist in developing their capabilities in the business world, which will increase the likelihood that their successes will benefit the community.

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