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Six Tips to Choosing the Right Coaching School

Coaching is fast emerging as a career of choice. By attending a good, recognized coaching school you develop the confidence and credibility to launch your own business. However in what can be an overwhelming experience, here are 6 key tips to consider in selecting the right school for you.

1. Program Structure:

Consider what meets your learning style. It’s important to select a program that is experiential and allows you to practice what you have learned.

2. Cost:

Costs can range from $2,000 to $9,000. The difference is the intensity and quality. In general, the higher the price, the better the training. But be sure to check out what is and is not included. Ask about discounts, payment plans and other financing options.

3.Reputation and Accreditation:

Check out if the program is accredited by an external organization like the International Coach Federation . Also consider how long the school has been around and whether you can speak with graduates.

4. Location:

If you want some live classroom training, which is highly recommended, distance to training can have an impact on your time and costs. Hotels are typically not included in the tuition so ask about preferential rates. Also check out proximity to airports and highways.

5. Business Development:

If you plan to run your own business, ask the school how will help with this. Many programs do not offer any marketing education, and also ask about support after graduation.

6. Deciding:

Because there are so many schools available to choose from, people get overwhelmed very easily and procrastinate. Identify the key requirements for you, follow your gut and make a decision quickly.

If you have already been through a school, what have been your experiences?

About Bill Sex

Bill Sex is President of New England Coaching and specializes in supporting personal, professional and organizational advancement with specific emphasis on coaching skills, emotional intelligence and employee engagement / motivation.

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