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Success Requirements at Non Profits

With so many non profit organizations vying for limited financial resources, what separates all of these very worthy causes into those who flourish and those who flounder? In addition, with so many volunteers being involved, what are the fundamental requirements to ensuring these organizations sustain and succeed?  There are four.

1. Leadership

Within a volunteer body, if there is not a strong leadership presence the whole thing falls apart rapidly. However the style and approach is critically important. The best analogy is a conductor of an orchestra. Alone, there is no music but with appropriate direction towards the musicians, amazing things can happen. And one of the primary responsibilities of any good leader is to clearly provide a sense of ….

2. Purpose

This is so often overlooked and speaks to the question of WHY. Why are we here, why do we help this organization, why do we work so hard? With purpose, intrinsic motivators such as fulfillment, satisfaction and other positive feelings prevail. Without it, people will offer a minimum in terms of their unique talents and may give rise to the possible minimization of the critical element of….

3. Engagement

People at a very basic level need to feel a sense of belonging; that their voices are heard and that their ideas are considered. When they do, they are enthusiastic about their experience, they feel it’s time being well spent and because of this engaging environment, they are far more likely to spring into…..

4. Action

Yes this is where the rubber meets the road. With action “stuff” gets done, money is raised, donations are forthcoming, the needy are helped and most important the purpose gets fulfilled.

Although this is presented in the context of a non profit “volunteer” organization, quite frankly all of the above is very relevant in a “for profit” environment as well.

About Bill Sex

Bill Sex is President of New England Coaching and specializes in supporting personal, professional and organizational advancement with specific emphasis on coaching skills, emotional intelligence and employee engagement / motivation.

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