Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

by necoaching

Practice is typically something more associated with elite athletes, yet its applicability is in all walks of life. The beauty of the expression “practice makes perfect” is that it is relative. What do I mean by this? For the vast majority of things we do, perfect is whatever we define it to be; we have that choice. If that is getting a promotion at work or achieving a certain weight or perhaps establishing a relationship with somebody, you determine the end game; then there is an appropriate level of practice that goes with achieving this.

practiceThe interesting thing here is that for the examples cited above, “practice” is typically not the word most would use. That’s what it is though and people might more commonly say you have to “work at it”. Irrespective of the semantics, the more you practice the greater the knowledge, confidence, trust and personal responsibility that comes with it. All of these tend to be elusive at the beginning but become omnipresent at the end. These are the building blocks that we typically regard as “experience”. This comes from what you practice not what you perfect.

Here are a few tips to making your practice more effective.

  • Be very clear in what you are looking to achieve (want it and own it)
  • Seek help, if necessary, from trusted friends and advisors
  • Develop a plan that you can commit to and then follow through
  • Don’t do it unless you enjoy it
  • Appreciate the progress and stay in the present

When you apply these tips, the practice actually becomes more rewarding and enjoyable than the result (perfect); which really is the whole point. After all this thing we call perfect very often is a moving target and once you get to a new level, the bar gets moved again and therefore you are perpetually in practice mode.

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