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The Possibility Board™

Click the graphic below to view our 3 minute video to learn about this interactive process and tool.

Watch a video explaining the Possibility Board

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User Tutorial

The Possibility Board™ is an interactive tool that helps people to systematically and visually create their very own personalized Life Plan. This “whole brain” process allows you to initially access deep personal insights, and then develop exciting plans which lead to outstanding results. Initially this starts by achieving clarity around purpose, values and strengths. From this foundation exercise, a clearer understanding of various Life Elements, such as health, career, relationships, etc. are determined. Following this evaluation, goals are created that allow you to purposely move forward and establish action plans. Finally various mechanisms are put in place to track progress and ensure accountability.

The tutorials show all the features of the tool from start to finish to help you fully understand its powerful capability. Click on the play button below to Start!

1. Introduction:
Get a quick overview of what the Possibility Board is all about (2 min)
2. Foundation:
Understand how your Values, Strengths and Purpose shape who you are (6 Min)
3. Hi Level:
Learn how to develop a Personal Vision of your own life in a very creative and interactive way (7 Min)
4. Smart Goals:
Turn you Vision into reality by developing very specific Goals (4 Min)
5. Activities:
Understand how Goals can only be achieved by committing to associated Activities (3 Min)
6. Outputs:
View all the various Output Features that will help you stay on track and get desired results (4 Min)
One Year License: $57
Two Year License: $99
Five Year License: $188