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Leadership Do’s

So you have at long last got the promotion into a lead role and people will be looking to you for guidance and inspiration. More than ever your ability to make things happen through other people is about to be tested and you feel ready for the task. Before you dive too fast into what is quicksand for many would be leaders, consider the following few 5 Key Leadership Tips.

1. Question Often – the power in a conversation resides with the person asking the questions and not the one doing all the talking (answering). The curious one can set the agenda, tone and direction and provide great clarification to all for better decision making.

2. Do the Right Things – managers “do things right” but leaders “do the right things”. However this requires judgment and sometimes courage to ensure that the correct decisions get made. Circumstances are always changing therefore just because something was right yesterday doesn’t mean it will be so tomorrow.

3. Understand Emotions – emotions play a huge role in everyday interactions and can significantly impact the decisions made. Accept that to be the case and factor your emotions and those of others into all aspects of your leadership responsibility.

4. Better Yourself – most new leaders must accept the fact that the skills and abilities that promoted you to a leadership role are not necessarily the skills that will allow you to succeed. Open your mind to all the attributes of great leaders and learn how to emulate some of these characteristics.

5. Ensure Accountability – see this as support, acknowledgment, caring, and people will respond in a very positive and motivated manner. However when expectations are not being met despite this accountability, deal with and do the right thing.

Despite all the books that have been written about leadership most only differ because of the unique perspective of the writer. When you cut through it all and ask the question, if there were five things to do that would very effectively develop greater leadership acumen, what would they be? You just got it!

About Bill Sex

Bill Sex is President of New England Coaching and specializes in supporting personal, professional and organizational advancement with specific emphasis on coaching skills, emotional intelligence and employee engagement / motivation.

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