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Human Resources Coaching Certification

The Human Resources Coaching Certification program is targeted at the HR Personnel within large organizations. It is designed to provide them with the capabilities to effectively deal with various people related challenges that form a significant part of their job responsibility. It does this by providing a thorough understanding and application of Coaching skills, tools and techniques. In addition, an Emotional Intelligence component is included to further enhance the overall learning experience.

The primary benefits of human resources coaching training are:

  • Provides Coaching Tools and Skills to allow participants to improve their overall effectiveness.
  • Allows for the creation of a Cadre of Internal Coaches that can become a formal or informal coaching resource for mid level managers, high potential candidates and significant new hires.
  • Positions HR as adding greater value and being seen as truly Strategic Partners because of the value provided.
  • Creates a culture that is fueled by a coaching approach where the focus is on helping key staff move from Functional to Optimal.

The human resources coaching training program is presented in four phases:

HR Coaching Certification Phase 1

  • Pre Work – Self assessment
  • Classroom (2 days)
    • Skills, tools and techniques of Coaching
  • Peer to Peer Coaching (Months 1 – 3)
    • Each person coaches a peer (30 minutes minimum per week)
  • Supervisory check in call

Phase 2

  • Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment
  • Classroom (1 Day) – Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Mentor Coaching (Months 4 – 6)
    • One on one support from a certified coach
  • Client Coaching (Months 4 – 6)
    • Each person coaches a client from within their organization
  • Project Groups (Months 4 – 6)
    • Meet 6 times over 3 month period

Phase 3

  • Classroom (1 Day)
  • Program Synthesis & Review
  • Project Presentations
  • Written Exam
  • Individual Plan Development

Phase 4

  • Graduation
    • Attendance at all 4 days classroom
    • Completion of 24 coaching assignments
    • Active participation and presentation of project
    • Accountability through project work and written examination
    • Pass grade on written exam


New England Coaching has been a dynamic partner, with a primary focus on individual and team development. By understanding our core business and success drivers first, they could then approach individual development in a manner that aligned individual development goals with future business needs and objectives. In this manner, courses on topics such as Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, come to life against the backdrop of current and future business situations. New England Coaching’s commitment and willingness to understand the organization’s goals first, sets them apart from other companies in the delivery of their development programs. Success for these programs can be measured by initial individual response, and the longer term utilization of key learning over time. New England Coaching exceeded our expectations for the program on both fronts.

Mike Blum – Sr. Director, US Commercial Operations

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