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The Possibility Board™

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A Good Coaching Tool is KEY!

Coaches come out of Training Schools with a powerful array of skills and techniques. They understand that they need to develop their business, get clients and provide their services in the most professional manner. However when it comes to Life Coaches there appears to be a reluctance to consider coaching tools or perhaps not a lot are actually available. Executive Coaches use a plethora of tools such as Myers Briggs, Disc, iPEC’s Energy Leadership Index, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Lominger, etc.

Here are 4 reasons why having a good tool can truly help achieve success.

Business Promotion

  • Clients need to understand what they will be challenged with, what the flow looks like, how progress is measured and how will it ultimately benefit them. A good tool will enable you to articulate this in the business development phase.

Coaching Experience

  • Clients want to see outputs – whether it’s some form of diagnostic or tracking system but something that is more than just the conversation. By providing a report or visual deliverable this can expand the overall coaching experience and provide additional value to clients.

Process Facilitator

  • A good tool can very effectively facilitate a great coaching conversation. The structure it provides enables both the coach and the client to be totally present and optimize the relationship.

Enhanced Sustainability

  • When the coaching sessions are complete, clients need a framework to ensure that sustainability is achieved. Having a mechanism whereby they can independently track their own progress means that the benefits can continue long after the coaching has ceased.

The Possibility Board™ offered by New England Coaching is one such tool.

About Bill Sex

Bill Sex is President of New England Coaching and specializes in supporting personal, professional and organizational advancement with specific emphasis on coaching skills, emotional intelligence and employee engagement / motivation.

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